Defining Empathy

Dealing with the Devil

Couldn’t resist reposting this lifelike rendering of one of societies most notorious empathy black holes. (Courtesy of an anonymous friend)

Does raise the question though: how do we deal with such disregard for the rest of humanity? How do we respond to those who follow? The answer has to be with greater empathy.

We need to walk in their shoes, understand their hearts and minds if we are ever going to heal the huge social and cultural rifts growing around the world. This doesn’t mean we don’t stand up and speak out against injustice, but that we will more likely succeed when we dig deep and try to explore empathy for the Devil 😘 good luck out there!

mpathydevils #empathydeficit #empathy #empathyinstinct #resist #shepersisted #socialchange #dontgiveup #theresabetterway

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