Values & Vision

  • Half day workshop
  • Venue: Herne Hill
  • Date 9.12.2017
  • Time: 12:30-16:30
  • Info: An afternoon for reflecting with like minded souls in this self leadership workshop, from the team at Empathy for the Devil.
  1. Discover your core values, the elements that define and drive you.
  2. Explore how knowing and owning these values can enable you to create vision in the face of uncertainty.
  3. Be your true self, confidently make choices and decisions and learn to help others do the same.

Thirsty for a change in life? Trying to find your path? Or simply looking to get back in touch with your true self?

Then this is the event for you. our workshops focus on ensuring you leave with actions to take forward and new friends to share them with.

Every workshop includes a hands on creative coffee break activity to get both sides of your brain active and engaged!

Smash The Box

  • Half day workshop
  • Venue South East London TBC
  • Date 24.2.2018

Stories of Us

  • 5 day Holistic Retreat
  • Venue Rural UK location TBC
  • Date TBC